I Amsterdom
May 20th 2011

Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 35 is one of the squats that will be evicted within the next 8 weeks. The eviction of our house is just one example of the perverse effects of this senseless squatting ban. The Lange Leidse was squatted in 2001, after a 20 year period of emptyness and decay. Within the next 9 years the house was sold to several notorious and less notorious speculants. While the owners were just busy becoming even more rich, we renovated the house that was in a very bad condition to make it livable again. That's how we created living space in a city which has huge housing problems.

So while the truly corrupt real estate maffia gets rewarded with even more profit making projects and bonuses, the squatters that are effectively using the space are declared criminal and will be evicted. And the owners of Lange Leidse don't have building permits or what so ever, so after the eviction nothing but emptyness will remain. Yep. That's how things work in I Amsterdam.

By now it's clear that Van der Laan en his henchman try to eradicate all elements that not suit the I Amsterdam circus. Solely high incomes and the terror of consumption will dominate the city. Yeak! What a boring and sterile perspective.

This fits a country wide tendency where the political en economical elite is already for years bashing squatters, renters, misfits and everyone in the way of their pursuit of profit. It's time to fight back.

We will not be evicted from our house without a fight. We call out for resistance against these anti-social politics. Occupy the office of a housing corporation with your neighbours. Block a main road. Draw a slogan on the wall. Squat a house. Organise a renters strike. Be creative, be militant.

Who sows eviction, will reap resistance!

We don't know yet when the next eviction wave will exactly take place. Stay informed and check http://krakendraaitdoor.wordpress.com/

More about the Lange Leidse, the history of the house, its owners, related articles... http://langeleidse35.squat.net/

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