Laughing with Kafka.
Lange Leidse wins courtcase against the state.

Amsterdam, 28 juni 2011

Yes, we also think it´s hilarious. We even made a bet with our lawyer Rahul Uppal that we wouln´t win and now owe him a bottle of wine. He obviously had a better estimation. Why we started a courtcase in the first place? Because we can. But let’s start with the beginning. Langeleidse 35 recently got a letter from the state saying we had to leave the house. We started a courtcase against this (that we lost). However, we squatted number 35 and 37. Because the only way into the squatted part of 37 goes through 35, the inhabitants of 37 couldn’t enter their house anymore if 35 would be evicted. The inhabitants of 37 started a second courtcase against the state asking the judge to prohibited the eviction of 35 because that would mean we couldn’t enter of leave no. 37 anymore. And that courtcase was won. That means that, even though we lost the courtcase of 35, 35 can’t be evicted as long as the inhabitants of 37 don’t have a solution as far as the entering of their house concerns. Now, is this a victory for justice and the legal system? No, we don’t see things that way. The legal system is a vulgar paper construction to legitimize why the state can use violence and weapons against normal people to keep the elite on their place. But sometimes you can catch them on a little mistkae. A mistake thay they will soon repair to throw us out. Until then we laugh the kafkaesque laugh. Hahahahaha.

Originally published on Indymedia

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